I publish all my code from my personal projects to my GitHub page.

Here I’ll highlight some things I’ve been working on:


YNAB Splitter

YNAB (“You Need a Budget”) is a personal financing tool I’ve been using with my wife. Since we’re sharing a credit card, it was annoying to keep separate budgets in sync. I created YNAB splitter as a web application to assist in sorting through credit card transactions and splitting them between us. It was also a good chance to try out principles from “Clean Architecture”. I have created a tech talk about it here.

Technologies: React, Kotlin, Spring Boot, MongoDB

Werwölfle (2019)

Built during a Hackathon, we implemented a version of the party game “Werewolf” where players could create or join a game in real-time. The web application acted as a game moderator and players would vote and make decisions in the app.

Technologies: Angular, Spring Boot

Public Transport Quality Grades (2018)

This is my just finished bachelor thesis. It’s about grading public transport service in Switzerland. We created a new specification and implemented a CLI tool using Python to generate the gradings, which can be visualized inside a React application.

Technologies: Python, Flask, React, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

PlazaRoute (2017)

This was my student research project. We used data from OpenStreetMap and improved on pedestrian routing through open areas by calculating shortest paths through them.

Technologies: Python, Flask

Examibur (2017)

This was an engineering project for my studies. We created a web application to grade and review exams. It was also an exercise in using SCRUM in a team of 4 people.

Technologies: Java, Java Spark, PostgreSQL

HSR Study Notes (2016 - 2018)

From my second semester at HSR onward, I wrote all my notes for my classes in Markdown and built a static website using MkDocs. That way, I always had a nicely formatted site of my notes without any overhead.

The websites are all still online:

Technologies: Markdown, MkDocs, Travis CI

Open\HSR Connect (2016)

With our group of Open Source enthusiasts (Open\HSR) we created a Python application to handle the common tasks in our university more easily (specifially on Linux machines), like installing a printer or downloading the lecture slides. My contribution was a file synchronisation between the remote file server and the local computer.

Technologies: Python